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Navdurga produces high quality TMT, wire rods, billet, structural iron and sponge iron at its various plants spread across in southern, central and eastern India. The TMT rebars are conforming to the latest BIS-1786: 2008 specifications and are available in Fe 500D, Fe 550D & 600 grade in normal.

Shrishtii’s Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel or TMT is manufactured through the TEMPCORE process at Nav Durga Plants; the bars range from 8mm to 32mm in thickness and have high bend quality, high temperature resistance and low carbon quality. Our samples undergo rigorous testing in weight, length and dimension as per the guidelines mandated in IS 1786.

Shrishtii TMT Bars are engineered to contribute to the construction of a stronger India, providing excellent strength and reliable performance. Manufactured using a standardized process, Shrishtii bars are made from carefully selected high-quality raw materials for an ANDAR SE MAZBOOT construction experience.

By employing advanced manufacturing techniques and quality control measures, Shrishtii TMT ensures that their bars are of the best-in-class quality. Fe 550 D Bars can be used across a range of residential, commercial and multi-storey project. They offer greater tensile strength and greater ductility which are specially manufactured to provide stability to high-rise project, while resisting load better.

At Shrishtii, we have always aspired to build a strong identity for the nation by manufacturing quality structural steel sections. Our state-of- the-art integrated steel plant produces ISI grade structural steel products.

Along with a manufacturing process driven by highest quality standards, a BIS certified product range catering to multiple customers and spread through dealer’s network. Shrishtii Structural steel is typically used for making construction materials in variety of shapes. It is designed to have a good strength/weight ratio and is also cost-effective in order to be benefited as a structural component in buildings, industries, infrastructure projects etc. Shrishtii’s wide range of BIS certified structural steel sections with its nationwide availability are used in multiple segments such as domestic, agricultural, industrial & infrastructural projects.

S.no. Products Available Section
1 MS Angle 50X6, 50X5, 40X6, 40X5, 35X5, 25X3
2 MS Flat 40X6, 40X5, 32X5, 25X5, 20X5, 18X5
3 MS Square 8, 10, 12mm
4 MS Round 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 mm

Billets are also known as the second-stage product of steel production. They can be produced in two ways namely continuous casting or rolled directly from the casting process by billet mills. Steel billets are very ductile and are produced in square cross-sections. We have a installed capacity of 6MT in two furnaces and 8MT in one furnance. We produce the billet via the continuous casting machine.



The steel industry is witnessing a transformative shift, ushering in a new era characterized by a more stable and sustainable market landscape. We take pride in our pivotal role in driving this evolution. Recognizing the significance of size and scale in competing in a global marketplace and managing supply to meet customer demand across economic cycles, we have long championed these principles. Through steadfast commitment to meticulous quality control, our group has earned a reputation for excellence, reliability, and integrity over the years. What began in 1992 has evolved into an organization with multiple state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and an exceptional team. Collaboratively, we strive to deliver premium steel products tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Built as per your Imagination - For us the customer has always been the king. But our all-new client-focused policy involves value creation to build trust. With the foundation deeply rooted in traditions of integrity and honesty, the Nav Durga group’s objectives for the future include: Adaptation of an international management system.

100% durability and safety of all products.

100% customer satisfaction.

100% employee satisfaction.

Adoption of the latest technology.

Abiding by its social responsibilities.

Upgradation of products and services every year.

Advantage of Shrishtii TMT Fe 550 D

More Ductility

Shrishtii TMT bars offer excellent ductility due to strict control over aspects like chemical composition and temperature of online production processes.

Better Bending

Superior bendability and easier work ability are made possible with the unique combination of a tough outer core and softer inner core.

Increased Weldability

Shrishtii TMT are ideal for both lap and butt welding. There low carbon content ensures optimal strength of the welded joints, without requiring any additional pre and post welding treatment.

Corrosion Resistant

Due to our pine and uniform micro structure, Shrishtii Bars do not corrode even when embedded in concrete, this is also because flawless manufacturing ensures that there are no residual torsion stresses in the bars.

Fire Resistant

Even if temperatures touches 600 degree Celsius, Shrishtii Bars shows excellent strengths and resilience. These qualities act to safely shield against fire hazards.

Fatigue Resistant

Fatigue is TMT bars begins with accumulation of stress at the root of its ribs, which leads to weakness, since Shrishtii Bars are made with accurate uniformed ribs for inherent strength of surface layer, it makes the bars fatigue resistant.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process begins with the processing of iron ore to remove impurities. The processed iron ore is then mixed with coal, pellets, and dolomite. This mixture undergoes quality control testing in the laboratory before being processed in the Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) unit. In the DRI unit, the mixture is converted into sponge iron. The sponge iron is then melted in an induction furnace and cast into billets. These billets are directly charged into the next process while still hot, where they are passed through a roughing mill for shaping, followed by further shaping and sizing in a continuous stand. The billets undergo the PPRM process, also known as the Tempcor Process. Afterward, they are cooled on a cooling bed and undergo quality control testing in the laboratory through modern testing machines UTM, Spectrometer etc. Once the final product inspection is completed, the products are stored in the stockyard before being dispatched for distribution.


Our Valuable Clients

  •   Adept Power
  •   Chhattisgarh Housing Board - CGHB
  •   Raipur Development Authority - RDA
  •   M.P. Housing Board
  •   M.P. PWD-PIU
  •   M.P. Police Housing
  •   National Highway Authority of India- NHAI (products Supplied)
  •   SInghal Energy
  •   SInghal Enterprises
  •   DCDD
  •   Powersol Engineers
  •   Ind Synergy
  •   Rashi Steel & Power
  •   Rathi Industries Limited
  •   RK Transport Corporation
  •   Safety plus Power Limited
  •   Ultratech Cement Ltd